Our 2011 Security Predictions

Ed Bellis    December 8, 2010

We are smart!Now is the time of year when all of the pundants, analysts, and vendors start producing their wonderfully insightful predictions on the security industry. They always include horrible things that take down the internet and life as we know it. So rather than glom on to this tradition within the infosec echo chamber, we have but one prediction for 2011:

1. We will not make any security industry predictions in 2011

That’s it! These predictions are useless and are getting older than the April fools jokes that will be coming our way in a few months. Dumb, useless, noise. Cut it out.

While we always intended to put out this incredibly clairvoyant piece of work, we were admittedly inspired by the wonderful predictions from Rich Mogull over at Securosis.

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