Cover Your Assets

Ed Bellis    April 26, 2011

Here at HoneyApps, we are big proponents of leveraging data to help make decisions. We subscribe to the New School of Security and use both quantitative and qualitative information to aid in decision support. This also influences our product roadmap and feature set. This is why we’re happy to share with you our newest connector.

As part of building out our VMaaS, we find a LOT of information about an organization’s assets from their vulnerability assessment applications, static analysis tools, and configuration scanners. Our customers use this data in many ways including grouping vulnerabilities, tying assets together into systems, ranking and prioritizing remediation, measuring assessment and scanner coverage, and verifying CMDBs. So we thought, why not supplement this data with even more information about the assets on the network?

With this in mind, we built out the Nmap connector. With our newest connector, our customers can now import all of their data from their Nmap scans into our VMaaS. This data can both supplement existing assets within our service as well as create new assets. This data will assist our customers with the tasks listed above, as well as give them the ability to understand how vulnerabilities on related assets and networks can create greater risks through blended threats. While we can imagine a number of different ways this new data will help our customers in securing their assets, we are always surprised by the new and creative ways our service is used with unexpected benefits.

We’d love to see how you could make use of this data when combined with all the vulnerability and configuration information aggregated and correlated by our service. If you’d like to try it out free for 30 days, take a minute to sign up.

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