The Power of Conduit – Now Fortified with W3AF

Ed Bellis    April 7, 2011

Our worker bees have been banging away in the hive working on our latest connector. This morning they emerged with their latest work… the W3AF connector. W3AF, or the Web Application Attack & Audit Framework is an open source framework used for assessing web applications for security vulnerabilities and is fully extendable through it’s plug-in architecture. W3AF has discovery, audit, evasion, grep and output plug-ins at its disposal. With a stated goal of becoming the Metasploit of web applications, it has a lot of uses from audit and assessment and ultimately exploit for those who require confirmation of an exploitable defect.

With our newest connector, our customers who already utilize W3AF are now able to integrate and correlate these results with the rest of their vulnerability assessment tools, giving them a one-stop-shop for managing their security defects from discovery to close. For those not yet utilizing any web application assessment tools, this new connector gives them a great way to add these capabilities quickly and cheaply to their overall vulnerability management program.

If you would like to learn more about W3AF, feel free to check out their documentation and download a copy.

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