To the Cloud, and Beyond!

Andrea Bailiff-Gush    July 20, 2011

We are pleased to announce our entry into the Rackspace Cloud Network! Our flagship product (which you learned in a recent blog post will soon be called Risk I/O ) now provides vulnerability management services to “Rackers” who store their data and run their applicationsRackspace Cloud Network in the Rackspace Cloud. According to Nisan Sivathasan, director of corporate development at Rackspace, the addition of Risk I/O to the Cloud Network will make maintaining and monitoring security risks on the cloud “a breeze.”

Everyone at HoneyApps is thrilled about this partnership and no one summed it up better than Ed Bellis, CEO and co-founder of HoneyApps, Inc. “We are very excited to bring our complete vulnerability management solution to the Rackspace Cloud. With the launch of our new Risk I/O Software as a Service, Rackspace Cloud customers will now be able to enjoy the same security benefits that used to be reserved for large enterprises. Risk I/O provides full security visibility across the entire stack, from the application layer all the way down to cloud servers.”

You can read more about this partnership in our recent contribution to the Rackspace blog.

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