Turn it up to eleven!

jro    July 25, 2011

Around here, everything needs to be done yesterday, so we really, really hate wasting time! Since we never want to waste your time, we’ve taken the performance and robustness of our site and, in the words of Christopher Guest in the movie Spinal Tap, turned it all the way up to eleven.

On the performance side, we spent some time optimizing our database and system software.  We’re now making good use of a few load balancers to spread all the web requests across as many servers as we need.  All the while, our robots that consume the risk data were getting a little lonely, so we’ve increased their numbers six-fold.  We’ve also fully embraced Opscode’s Chef to automate our deployment and configuration, and now we can launch new web servers and robots at lightning speed.

We’d hate for you to be unable to find your highest priority risks, so we’ve given our site some bulletproof armor.  We’ve removed points of failure by adding the load balancers, new live backup servers for our database and cache layers.  Along with improvements to our backup strategy, we’ve made our application hardier than ever.  That lovely Chef automation that allows us to launch web instances at the drop of a hat?  It also means that even though Rome wasn’t built in a day, we can rebuild it from rubble in under an hour if we need to.

This leaves us in a perfect place to handle your biggest sets of risk data.  So, let’s give those ravenous robots something to chomp on!

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