Rapid 7 – We Are In You

Ed Bellis    August 31, 2011

We have been crazy busy here building out additional connectors and enterprise features into Risk I/O, but wanted to take two minutes to stop and let everyone know about our newest connector. We are very excited to welcome our newest vulnerability assessment connector into the Risk I/O family – Rapid7’s NeXpose Enterprise. We wanted to thank the Rapid7 team for their assistance and willingness to make our development effort both quick and smooth.

With our newest connector, customers can now integrate directly with their NeXpose Enterprise vulnerability scanner to both pull and push security defect data and utilize our reporting and automation to manage their entire stack of vulnerabilities. This brings Risk I/O a step closer to serving as the one-stop-shop to manage your organizations vulnerabilities and remediation efforts.

Setting up your Rapid7 NeXpose connector, like our other connectors is dead simple. But why take our word for it? Just take a look at this 100 second video walking you through integrating Nexpose with Risk I/O. Not a customer and would like to try it out? Have at it for free for 30 days!

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