Ohai HP – It’s Us Again

Ed Bellis    November 4, 2011

Fresh off the heals of launching our HP Fortify connector to integrate your static analysis findings, we’d like to announce our newest connector in the family. This time from HP’s dynamic side of the house – HP WebInspect.

If you’re currently using this vulnerability assessment tool as part of your application security program, you can now connect your instance into Risk I/O, along with other assessment tools, to manage your entire set of security vulnerabilities and defects while giving you a holistic view from layer seven all the way down. Combine this with our integrations into your remediation systems, custom fields, reporting and metrics to manage and automate your tracking like a boss.

Setting up your WebInspect connector, like our other connectors is a simple process in Risk I/O and requires completing only a single field form. Not a customer but would like to try it out? Try out our free version.

We will be adding additional connectors to our list in the near future, and we welcome your feedback on connectors that you’d be interested in integrating with Risk I/O.

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