Risk I/O Joins Rapid7’s Technology Alliances

Andrea Bailiff-Gush    December 14, 2011

We are pleased to announce our recent entry into the Technology Alliances program with Rapid7.

Earlier this year, Rapid7 and Risk I/O collaborated to create a simple out-of-the-box connector that pulls vulnerability scan data directly from Rapid7’s Nexpose, and uses Risk I/O to aggregate, correlate and prioritize vulnerabilities for the most effective remediation of possible security threats. Through this collaboration, Nexpose users can integrate the vulnerability assessment tool directly into Risk I/O, enabling users to easily detect and manage vulnerabilities.

The HoneyApps team is delighted to be part of the Technology Alliances program and Ed Bellis, CEO and co-founder of HoneyApps, Inc. recently summed up our feelings, “ We’re very excited about our partnership with Rapid7. By combining the thorough assessment capabilities of Nexpose with the in-depth data analysis and reporting of Risk I/O, our mutual customers can identify and prioritize their riskiest vulnerabilities and automate their workflow.”

Rapid7 has developed Technology Alliances with security industry leaders to assure that their customers can leverage Rapid7 unified vulnerability management as part of their overall enterprise security strategy.

You can read more about this industry collaboration in the recent Rapid7 blog post.

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