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Ed Bellis    March 26, 2012

Hot on the heels of launching role-based access control which allows you to control who has access to what in Risk I/O (all the way down to the vulnerability level), we have added integration with a new vulnerability assessment tool. (Drum roll please…) We are happy to announce that integration with the Burp Scanner is now available in Risk I/O! For those not familiar with Burp, it was recently voted #1 in the web scanner category on SecTools.

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PortSwigger Web Security’s Burp web scanner has become the latest vulnerability assessment integration available in Risk I/O.

With this integration, you can pull in all your latest web application vulnerability scan data directly from Burp and aggregate, correlate and rank them across your security vulnerabilities and defects. Combine this with our bug tracking and trouble ticketing tool integration, asset tagging, custom fields, scoring, data mining and metrics such as benchmarks, and Risk I/O is now the only vulnerability management needed to identify, prioritize and remediate your security vulnerabilities.

If you currently use Burp to test your web applications, then head to your Connectors tab to integrate your Burp Scanner with your Risk I/O account. Not a Risk I/O user yet? You can sign up for a free, complete version on our website.

We’ll be adding additional integrations to our list in the near future, and we welcome your feedback on this and other functionality you’d like to see added to Risk I/O.

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