My Keynote At IANS Security Forum

Ed Bellis    April 17, 2012

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering a keynote presentation at the IANS Twin Cities Security Forum. Having been involved and participated in IANS events in the past I knew what to expect. They always do a great job with their Security Forums with a veryIANS unique format. Probably what I like the most about these forums is the amount of candid information sharing that goes with them – something I’m a big advocate of and what a lot of my presentation was about.

I posted the slides on Slideshare and embedded them below, however; due to the format of the talk there’s not a lot of content within the slides themselves. To give you more context as well as summarize the topics even better than I could, I’m posting a number of references to concepts I spoke about within the keynote. Some of the concepts are simple and easy to grasp while others border more on specific use cases and are a bit more abstract.

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  1. Dan Guido

    You might also be interested in some of the “Exploit Intelligence Project” or Attacker Math presentations here:

    Rather than just come up with what we think are the economic incentives, we collect actual data about real attacks and try to reverse engineer the economic model for them.

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