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Andrea Bailiff-Gush    May 15, 2012
Veracode static analysis tool

You can now integrate Risk I/O with the Veracode static analysis tool

Following our recent integration with Portswigger’s Burp web scanner, our development team has added another vulnerability assessment tool to Risk I/O. Integration with Veracode static analysis is now available!

If you use Veracode to scan your applications for security flaws, you’ll be happy to learn that you can now plug it into Risk I/O to manage and monitor the vulnerabilities that Veracode identifies. You can also use Risk I/O to pull in scan data from other vulnerability assessment tools, and generate reports with intelligent remediation right within Risk I/O without juggling multiple tool interfaces. To add the new Veracode connector to your account, simply go to the Connectors page within your instance of Risk I/O. You’ll be seeing Veracode scan data in your account within minutes!

Are you a Veracode customer but haven’t given Risk I/O a spin? Head over to our website and create a free account to start managing and monitoring your vulnerabilities!

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