Mario Mendoza Goes to SecTor

Ed Bellis    October 5, 2012

Mario Mendoza set what would become known as The Mendoza Line

I wanted to thank the folks at SecTor for having me out and allowing me to bring the Security Mendoza Line discussion north of the border. As last year, I had a great time and I’m always impressed with how well the conference is run. This was also the first year we did a sponsorship and we brought along the new t-shirts to share. Watch for the ‘shirt-o-matic’ coming soon.

I was able to meet a ton of people and the kind folks at the Liquid Matrix Security Podcast allowed me to ramble on a bit as part of their ongoing coverage of the con. If you haven’t already, go subscribe to the podcast as they have already been piling up good content. Below is my deck from the talk. It was the first time I gave this talk and after a few follow ups afterwards, I will likely be making some modifications. I also have some additional data to add to it based on real world vulnerabilities and how they relate to the Mendoza line.

After the talk, I do have to agree with both Alex Hutton and Josh Corman that HD Moore’s law resonates more with our audience. Perhaps I could create a hockey analogy for the next time I’m up at SecTor…

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