A Holiday Poem About Your Scan Data

Andrea Bailiff-Gush    December 16, 2014

It’s almost year end, and you must understand
security pros everywhere are tired of their scans.
The data’s too much! And it just isn’t clear
where the next threat might truly appear.

Security folks need help, a surefire way
to parse through Qualys, Nessus & more each day.
To know what to prioritize, without having to bet
and find vulnerabilities, breaches & 0day threats.

In a matter of minutes, Risk I/O can solve this pain
think of all the time in your day you will gain.
Oh, to know what to fix! As quick as a flash!
And be the hero at your holiday bash!

If this sounds like a great way to greet the new year
let us know and we can help, with good cheer.
We’ll make your life easy, we’ll give you a gift
(and we don’t cost much, if you’re focused on thrift).

So reach out to us (if not now, maybe in January)?
We’ll make your scans fun, simple & merry.

Happy Holidays from the Team at Risk I/O

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P.P.S. Our Explainer Video May Make You Smile


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