A Holiday Poem about…Vulnerability Management?

Greg Howard    December 11, 2015

We sent out a little poem to our customers, and we thought you might want to see it. Any resemblance to widely known holiday poems, either living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


holiday-dropcapt’s almost year end, and you must understand
Security pros everywhere are tired of their scans
We’re talking Qualys, Nessus —Rapid7 too—
Producing too much data and making teams blue.

Security folks need help, a surefire way
to parse through a mountain of vulns every day
To know what to prioritize, without having to bet
and find active breaches, exploits, & zero-day threats.

Fortunately there’s Kenna, just like a best friend
To bring all your spreadsheet drama to an end
Now you know what to fix! As quick as a flash!
You’ve got bragging rights at your holiday bash!

But here’s the real point—what we really want to say—
We’re grateful that you’ve chosen to try the Kenna way.
We’re a unique platform (and we’re totally cool)
But we know that our risk-based approach is still pretty new.

We’re thankful for our customers, and all of our friends
Who love automation, and reporting on risk trends.
Vulnerability Management doesn’t need to be scary
In fact, we think it should be fun, simple and merry.

Happy Holidays
from the Team at Kenna


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