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Ed is the CTO and a Cofounder of Kenna.

Our Need For Security Intelligence

Ed Bellis    May 3, 2011

Note: This post is an archive and was originally posted on CSO Online. I will be posting a follow up to this with additional ways to use data and intelligence tools to help make security decisions. No I am not speaking of military intelligence, but rather, business intelligence within a security context. Business intelligence and decision support systems have now… Read more »

Cover Your Assets

Ed Bellis    April 26, 2011

Here at HoneyApps, we are big proponents of leveraging data to help make decisions. We subscribe to the New School of Security and use both quantitative and qualitative information to aid in decision support. This also influences our product roadmap and feature set. This is why we’re happy to share with you our newest connector. As part of building out… Read more »

The Power of Conduit – Now Fortified with W3AF

Ed Bellis    April 7, 2011

Our worker bees have been banging away in the hive working on our latest connector. This morning they emerged with their latest work… the W3AF connector. W3AF, or the Web Application Attack & Audit Framework is an open source framework used for assessing web applications for security vulnerabilities and is fully extendable through it’s plug-in architecture. W3AF has discovery, audit,… Read more »

We’re On A Boat!

Ed Bellis    February 7, 2011

No not this boat. We’re happy to announce we recently closed our Series A round of funding led by Tugboat Ventures with Hyde Park Angels joining the team as well. We’re both honored and excited to be working with them both. Dafina and Dave have great track records and bring a lot to the table in both the security and… Read more »

Let Me Introduce Our Newest Connector

Ed Bellis    January 27, 2011

World, if you haven’t already, please meet Netsparker, the latest “friend of the bee”. Netsparker is a web application security scanner from Mavituna Security and our laster connector integration. Netsparker is billed as a “false positive free” scanner through its confirmation / exploitation engine. Already using it today? Great! Now you can import all of your Netsparker results into Conduit… Read more »

Talking InfoSec with the Experienced – RSA Edition

Ed Bellis    January 3, 2011

I’m honored to be invited by Rich Mogull of Securosis to participate on a panel at the RSA Security Conference. It’s part of the Experienced Security Professional program (e10+) and appears to be a pretty cool event. We’ll be talking appsec, advanced attacks, cloud security and compliance among other things with David Mortman who had one of the most under appreciated talks… Read more »

Our 2011 Security Predictions

Ed Bellis    December 8, 2010

Now is the time of year when all of the pundants, analysts, and vendors start producing their wonderfully insightful predictions on the security industry. They always include horrible things that take down the internet and life as we know it. So rather than glom on to this tradition within the infosec echo chamber, we have but one prediction for 2011:… Read more »