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The Power of Conduit – Now Fortified with W3AF

Ed Bellis    April 7, 2011

Our worker bees have been banging away in the hive working on our latest connector. This morning they emerged with their latest work… the W3AF connector. W3AF, or the Web Application Attack & Audit Framework is an open source framework used for assessing web applications for security vulnerabilities and is fully extendable through it’s plug-in architecture. W3AF has discovery, audit,… Read more »

Let Me Introduce Our Newest Connector

Ed Bellis    January 27, 2011

World, if you haven’t already, please meet Netsparker, the latest “friend of the bee”. Netsparker is a web application security scanner from Mavituna Security and our laster connector integration. Netsparker is billed as a “false positive free” scanner through its confirmation / exploitation engine. Already using it today? Great! Now you can import all of your Netsparker results into Conduit… Read more »

Vulnerability Management As A Data Issue

admin    April 19, 2010

Organizations face a number of issues as part of their vulnerability management programs, not the least of which is data management. The problems security teams face managing and remediating their security defects has evolved over the past several years. Finding vulnerabilities is no longer the challenge.┬áMature security teams are looking at all of their assets layers including their applications, databases,… Read more »

Features Rolling Fast & Furious

admin    April 13, 2010

Thanks to our customers and beta users great feedback, we have been rolling out new features to Conduit at a furious pace. We’ll be posting another blog entry with more details including a new product walkthrough screencast, but we thought we’d expose a few quick highlights here. A complete redesign of the interface We have given our user interface a… Read more »

Feature Tour Now Online

admin    April 13, 2010

A quick note to let you know we now have a short video on some of the features within HoneyApps Conduit. In an effort to keep it short and sweet, it’s not a full product tour but a quick overview to give you a feel for what we’re building here. We’ve embedded the video below. If you want to talk… Read more »