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Security As Code at Cloud Security World

Ed Bellis    May 28, 2015

Last week Jason Rohwedder and I had the privilege of presenting a cloud automation use case at Cloud Security World. Our talk not only covered how we automate much of our security at Risk I/O, but how we use DevOps principles to ensure our security controls are consistent even at a high velocity. While we have spoken about some of… Read more »

Open-Source Cancer

Mike    November 29, 2012

If cancer can be open sourced, why can’t security? I’m a huge fan of TED Talks. The value I get out of watching them is unmatched by other series of media. One in particular has been on my mind a lot lately. You may have seen it mentioned on CNN: Salvatore Iaconesi is a 39-year-old TED fellow and the artist… Read more »